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Vibhu Essential Oils is a family owned company and a leading producer and supplier of essential oils. Our customers include flavour, fragrance, cosmetic and pharma companies all over India and around the world. Our primary product is Sandalwood Oil, and we are one of the only producers of Sandalwood Oil of various origins. Please see our products for more information.Readmore...

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How Sandalwood Oil Is Extracted

The most important part of sandalwood is heartwood present chiefly in roots of its tree. Sapwood produces lower quality oil. The older the tree the best heartwood we will get from it. For each extraction technique, the quality of the wood determines the quality of the final sandalwood oil. Nowadays, Sandalwood oil is extracted mostly by steam distillation, in this process super heated steam is passed through the powdered wood. The steam then caries the oil locked inside the cellular structure of the wood. After the steam has been cooled we get sandalwood hydrosol and sandalwood oil.


Benefits of Sandalwood

Have you ever heard about the famous sandalwood? Remember you might have heard about it from your parents or your grandparents! This sandalwood is not simply the wood like many other woods that are used for making various domestic products such as furniture, houses etc. This sandalwood has something special about that’s exactly the reason this wonderful natural tree got huge recognition in all over the world. Today this wood is found in everything we take as medicine especially those taken from ayurveda. There is countless number of benefits of Sandalwood oil that is extracted from the roots of the sandalwood trees.